SiteInfo Changelog (EN)

Version 1.3 (January 2012)

  • https-bug fixed (thanks MrRapX)
  • Added clipboard-button in sourceview, which allows to copy the whole document.
  • Changed the lookup of linked resources within a document. Added the detection of images.
  • It’s now possible to view images through sourceview. Images can be saved to the pictures hub.
  • Sourcefiles can be saved, and viewed offline. (thx Patrick Z.)
  • Sourceview now uses request history. (results in less http-requests)
  • Minor UI changes

Version 1.2 (August 2011)

  • Some UI enhancements
  • HTTP headers can be added to outgoing requests
  • It’s possible to persist request history (Default: Off, default limit: 50)
  • Changed order of entries in history. Newest entries are on top.
  • Fixed problem with user-agent.
  • Integrated Twitter feed. The newest tweet regarding SiteInfo is displayed in dashboard, and other tweets can be found on a seperate Twitter-page called „news“.
  • Minor tweaks regarding application stability and tombstoning

Greetings and thank you paede96 from Switzerland for reporting the user-agent-bug,and for the history-store-feature-request.

Version 1.1 (July 11th 2011)

  • New UI
    • New pivot pages (dashboard, header, cookies, linked, history)
    • Commands in dashboard: source code/Whois query, following of 30x-http-states)
  • Storing and displaying of cookies
  • Correct behavior when tombstoning
  • history of recently visited sites, with the possibility of reviewing already downloaded data
  • Listing of hyperlinks and css/js files within a page, with the possibility of querying them
  • 30x status codes / location header support
  • Better display of text data (source code, whois records) through WebBrowser control
  • Warning when network connection is missing
  • Minor fixes for application stability

Version 1.0 (June 25th 2011)

Initial release